4-H Club Management

This page is intended to assist club managers, project leaders, and activity leaders in facilitating 4-H events.  The District 11 and Texas 4-H website both offer additional great resources.  The District 11 4-H Training and Resources Page  includes the recent D-11 club manager’s training video.  The  Texas 4-H Management page includes resources for both agents and volunteers.  To find the club management resources scroll to the bottom of the linked page.

Lavaca County Club Manager’s Tool Kit :

Each component of the tool kit embedded below is a critical piece in helping make our clubs the best that they can be!  Please take the time to utilize each of these tools, as described.

Club Management Check Sheet

To be used as a tool to help prepare for the first meeting of the year and as a reminder throughout the year.

Meeting and Activity Report

To be turned in, completed, after each club, project, or activity meeting by the adult volunteer with primary responsibility for the function. Please fill in the demographics. We use the meeting duration time, location, and demographics of attendees as part of our monthly reports.




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